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本文摘要:The photo had everything. Lights. Action. That sparkle of spontaneity. And subjects who really know how to smile for a camera.这张照片什么都楚了。

The photo had everything. Lights. Action. That sparkle of spontaneity. And subjects who really know how to smile for a camera.这张照片什么都楚了。灯光、动作、那种无比大自然的感觉,以及镜头感上佳、有为微笑之道的摄制对象。

But the moment that turned into the worlds most-retweeted post -- 3.1 million and counting -- wasnt 100% spontaneous. Rather, it was the fortuitous product of a carefully planned multimillion-dollar business arrangement that served the mutual interests of a Korean smartphone manufacturer, a social media powerhouse, a U.S. television network with a temporary global reach of 43 million viewers, and the biggest stars in Hollywood, for whom TV face-time is money.但这张在Twitter上全球发送次数最多(截稿时已发送310万次,而且这个数字依然在大大下跌)的照片所记录的那一瞬间却并非100%大自然。忽略,它是一桩精心策划的数百万美元交易的车祸产物,合乎韩国智能手机制造商三星(Samsung)、社交媒体巨头Twitter、继续在全球享有4300万用户的美国电视网络商美国广播公司(ABC),以及身价极高、只能不出电视上露面的好莱坞一线明星的共同利益。

Among the deals moving parts:这桩交易的内容还包括: Samsung paid ABC roughly $18 million for 5 minutes worth of prime-time ads plus unspecified consideration for product placement throughout the broadcast, according to the Wall Street Journal. 《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)透漏,三星向美国广播公司缴纳了约1800万美元,出售了5分钟黄金时段广告,三星还准许在直播活动中植入广告,但明确费用不得而知。According to Ad Age, Samsung also sponsored 10 tweets featuring celebrity selfies taken from the green room and sent via the Academy of Motion Picture Arts Sciences. 广告分析机构Ad Age回应,三星还赞助商了10条Twitter自拍电影信息。


它们无一不是大牌明星在奥斯卡典礼睡觉间的照片,皆相吻合美国电影艺术与科学学院(Academy of Motion Picture Arts Sciences,奥斯卡奖举行机构)。Twitter was paid to promote the selfies through its Twitter Amplify program, which gives preferential treatment to tweets posted by paying clients. (Full disclosure: According toTwitter, Time Inc., which publishes this blog, is one of those clients.) Twitter通过其Amplify计划有偿推展这类信息,根据这个计划,收费用户不会获得类似的展现出机会。


【根据Twitter官方博客的信息,本文的母公司时代集团(Time Inc)也是Amplify计划的客户之一。】And that spontaneous moment? SlashGears Chris Burns transcribed the opening dialogue between host Ellen DeGeneres and best-actress nominee Meryl Streep:至于说道那个感觉兹大自然的瞬间?摄影网站SlashGear的克里斯伯恩斯记录下了主持人艾伦德杰尼勒斯与获得最佳女演员奖提名的梅丽尔斯特里普之间开场的一段对话:DeGeneres: Meryl, heres my idea, ok, so you were nominated -- its a record-breaking 18 times, right? So I thought we would try to break another record right now with the most re-tweets of a photo. So right now Im going to take a picture of us, and well see if we can break the record for the most retweets -德杰尼勒斯:梅丽尔,我有一个点子。你第18次取得了(最佳女演员)奖提名,超越了历史最低记录,对吧?所以我想要我们来试着超越另一项记录——Twitter发送次数最少的照片这项记录。现在我俩一起来拍电影张照,想到能无法超越Twitter发送次数最少的记录 -Streep: Get her in -- *points to Julia Roberts*斯特里普:把她也拍电影进去——*指向朱莉娅罗伯茨*What followed, for what its worth, made Twitter history. It was a great plug for the Samsung brand, WPP branding expert Allen Adamson told the Journal. Ellens selfie is going to be more impactful than their commercials. You cant buy that magic of going viral.Twitter的一项历史记录早已问世。

WPP品牌专家艾伦亚当森向《华尔街日报》回应:“这是对三星品牌的一次大力宣传,艾伦的自拍照将比三星的广告极具影响力。病毒性传播可是花钱都买的。Lest anyone be left with the impression that the photo was less than spontaneous, Samsung ponied up another $3 million and issued the following statement:为了防止有人猜测这张照片背后另有隐情,三星另外拿著300万美元,公开发表了下面这则声明:While we were a sponsor of the Oscars and had an integration with ABC, we were delighted to see Ellen organically incorporate the device into the selfie moment that had everyone talking. A great surprise for everyone, she captured something that nobody expected. In honor of this epic moment and of course, the incredible response of nearly 3 million re tweets, we wanted to make a donation to Ellens charities of choice: St Judes and the Humane Society [of the United States]. Samsung will donate 1.5 million dollars to each charity.“虽然我们是奥斯卡的赞助,而且与美国广播公司有合作关系,但我们高兴地看见艾伦很大自然的将三星设备中用人们热议的那张自拍照那一瞬间。


它给所有人带给了一个极大的惊艳,没有人想起艾伦不会捕捉到那样一个瞬间。为了庆典这一史诗般的时刻,也为了庆典Twitter上近300万的难以置信发送次数,我们期望向艾伦自由选择的慈善机构——St Judes以及(美国)人道协会捐助。

三星将向这两家慈善机构分别捐献150万美元。”IRONIC FOOTNOTE -- AND GRATUITOUS APPLE (AAPL) ANGLE: The millions Samsung paid ABC goes into the coffers of the Walt Disney Co. (DIS), whose largest shareholder is Laurene Powell Jobs. Steve Jobs widow is one of richest women in the world -- No. 73 on this weeks list of billionaires -- on the strength of the Disney shares she inhered from Samsungs arch enemy in the smartphone wars.嘲讽的这段话——多余的苹果角度:三星向美国广播公司缴纳的数百万美元转入了沃尔特迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)的金库,而迪士尼的仅次于股东是劳伦娜鲍威尔乔布斯。




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